SUGITA KENJI Acoustic Guitars(スギタケンジ・アコースティックギターズ)

What's New

30. Apr. 2022
14. Jun. 2013
サウンドメッセ in 大阪 2013』に出展予定です。
20. Jan. 2011
8. Oct. 2008
  • ヒルズバーグギターフェスティバル2009(8/14-16)にエントリー予定
  • プレミアムギターショー2008(10/25-26)にCarrera D、Carrera O-14を出品予定
10 June, 2008
りットーミュージック・アコースティックギターマガジンVol.37のニューギアーサウンドチェックにCarrera D掲載。
1 June, 2008
Carrera Dハトーマンギターズにて展示中。
24 May, 2008
Carrera O-14 is now in store,Quest Guitars.
Carrera SJ and D are now in store,Heartman Guitars.
21 Dec, 2007
I am currently working on a "Carrera" (O type), which is scheduled to be shown at the Newport Guitar Festival in Miami Beach, USA along with a couple of different types of guitars.
05. Oct. 2007
"Carrera OOO", "Carrera D", "Dolphin II" are now available at Dolphin Guitars in Osaka.
01 Aug. 2007
I am going to exhibit three guitars at the upcoming Healdsburg Guitar Festival in the USA through August 17th to 19th. A Japanese fingerpicker Satoshi Gogo will be playing my guitar (Carrera SJ) at the following venues.
  • 18 Sat 13:30- @Merlo Theater
  • 19 Sun 11:30- @Carston Cabaret
Satoshi Gogo is the 2004 winner of the Morris Finger Picking Contest.